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Pacon Economy Railroad Poster Board, 22

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Price History
3/22/2012    $39.97
8/12/2013    $35.26
4/13/2014    $37.38
4/30/2014    $39.24
8/6/2014    $37.99
1/9/2015    $61.40
1/27/2015    $59.37
2/4/2015    $53.18
2/14/2015    $35.25
3/11/2015    $40.83
3/13/2015    $35.28
4/19/2015    $30.63
4/20/2015    $35.87
4/28/2015    $31.91
11/18/2017    $32.50
11/20/2017    $31.33
12/23/2017    $34.37
1/3/2018    $31.49
4/19/2018    $34.70
7/28/2018    $38.79
8/21/2018    $32.55
8/23/2018    $38.80

9 . Pacon Economy Railroad Poster Board, 22" x 28\  by Pacon
Your Price: $38.80, from Walmart as of 9/4/2018, true

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  • Economy uncoated poster board
  • 100 sheets of white railroad board
  • Perfect supplies for the classroom
  • Enhance art projects with thicker poster board that won't bleed through
  • Practice writing, drawing, painting and other activities without the worry of bleeding through the sheets
  • Educational school supplies for every teacher's room
  • Thicker than construction paper but thinner than card stock
  • Good weight for bulletin boards and educational posters
  • Compare to other poster boards to experience the difference of Pacon Railroad/Poster board
  • Pacon Corporation provides sustainably sourced paper and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Pacon Economy Railroad/Poster Board, 22-Inch x 28-Inch, White, 100 Count
  • 100 sheets of 22-inch by 28-inch white poster board
  • Thicker than paper, but thinner than foam boards
  • Recyclable
  • School supplies in bulk for long-lasting use
  • Use for reading posters, storytelling, and art posters

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About Pacon:Pacon was founded in 1951 as Paper Converters, Inc. in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our product offerings kept growing, and we soon outgrew our facility within a former paper mill. In 1968 we relocated to the Casaloma Drive facility we are still operating from today.We continue to expand and grow our business to offer our customers the most dynamic range of educational products under the sun. We are proud to offer brands such as Fadeless? Paper, Bordette? Borders, Tru-Ray? Construction Paper, Art1st? Art Papers, Classroom Keepers?, Creativity Street? and WonderFoam?. From construction paper to poster board, chenille stems to wiggle eyes, Pacon products inspire students, parents and teachers to let their imagination shine. Our educational and art supplies encourage creativity. We strive to provide innovative products that help teachers create functional and inspiring learning environments for their students.Pacon is proud to include Strathmore Artist Papers?, Bemiss-Jason and Superior Specialties in our family.

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