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Kohler Vault Drop-in Farmhouse Apron-Front Stainless Steel 30 inch 4-Hole Single Basin Kitchen Sink

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Price History
3/26/2012    $525.00
11/23/2012    $420.00
12/1/2012    $472.50
12/9/2012    $525.00
12/21/2013    $498.04
3/29/2014    $524.25
7/30/2015    $569.25
11/28/2015    $426.94
1/15/2016    $359.52
2/14/2016    $399.47
6/25/2016    $461.27
7/7/2016    $395.48
7/18/2016    $336.16
8/16/2016    $395.48
8/18/2016    $569.25
8/29/2016    $512.33
9/20/2016    $569.25
12/27/2016    $341.55
8/8/2017    $410.97
8/19/2017    $636.75
8/23/2017    $423.30
9/10/2017    $422.29
9/14/2017    $420.23
9/20/2017    $416.42

10 . Kohler Vault Drop-in Farmhouse Apron-Front Stainless Steel 30 inch 4-Hole Single Basin Kitchen Sink
Your Price: $416.42, from Home Depot as of 9/27/2017

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  • 29-3/4 in. (756 mm) x 24-5/16 in. (618 mm)
  • 9 in. basin depth (237 mm)
  • 18-gauge stainless steel
  • Top-mount installation
  • Single basin
  • Features an innovative Self-Trimming apron to ensure consistent, successful installation results
  • Shortened apron allows sink to be used in most standard cabinetry or retrofitted to existing cabinetry
  • Includes Pre-Installation Sink, Counter & Cabinet Compatibility Template
  • Includes installation hardware
  • For use in a standard 30 in. (762 mm) cabinet
  • Rear-oriented drain maximizes usable basin space and storage space under the sink
  • Three faucet holes with one accessory hole to the right
  • Click here to learn more about kitchen sinks

  • If you want the look of an apron-front sink, but don't want to replace your cabinets and countertop, you'll love the Vault. This top-mount apron-front sink features a thin, 1.25 mm rim and an innovative shortened, Self-Trimming apron, allowing for installation in most existing standard cabinets and laminate countertops. Unlike most farmhouse sinks, the Vault apron-front sink doesn't require a special apron-front cabinet, making it ideal for replacement or remodel situations and enabling a fresh look with minimal time and expense. The installation requires only the removal of the cabinet's false drawer front and a simple cut to the cabinet face. The unique Self-Trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face, ensuring consistently beautiful installation results. Simply be sure to use the Pre-Installation Sink, Counter & Cabinet Compatibility Template to ensure the sink will fit in your kitchen setup. It comes included with the sink or can be ordered ahead by calling 1-800-4KOHLER.

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