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Snark S-5 Mini Guitar and Bass Tuner

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Price History
1/3/2016    $19.99
12/3/2016    $14.99
12/27/2016    $19.99
12/15/2017    $14.00
1/5/2018    $19.00
1/10/2018    $13.00
2/5/2018    $19.00

2 . Snark S-5 Mini Guitar and Bass Tuner  by Snark
Your Price: $19.00, from Guitar Center as of 3/20/2018
List Price: $39.99
You Save: $ 20.99 (52%)

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The Snark S-5 Mini Guitar & Bass Tuner is one of the smallest clip-on tuners out there. It's fully chromatic and at just 1 x 1 inch hides perfectly behind your headstock. The bright diplay is big and easy to read, while the design is rugged enough to resist the riguers of stage and travel. The S-5 is ultrafast and accurate and works on acoustic and electric basses and guitars.

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