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Xotic Effects EP Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

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12/27/2015    $116.00

4 . Xotic Effects EP Booster Guitar Effects Pedal  by Xotic Effects
Your Price: $116.00, from Walmart - Click More Info / Buy Now to check for price rollbacks! as of 7/4/2018, true

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EP Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

What do the tones of renowned guitarist such as Page, EVH and Johnson have in common? They all used the legendary echo machine EP-3 as a pre-amp.Xotic Effects have captured that magic in a new boost pedal, the EP Booster. Xotic Effects uses the highest quality parts available with a discrete FET design and low impedance output, the EP Booster provides up to %2B20dB of unadulterated boost with multi-dimensional, shimmering highs and lows, and no ear fatigue. The internal DIP switches let you choose the boost frequencies, and EQ settings. Housed in a small 3.5x 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch case with blue LED and transparent knob, the EP Booster can be powered by 9-volt up to 18-volts.Provides up to %2B20dB of boost
DIP switches let you choose the boost frequencies and EQ settings

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