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AKG D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Price History
1/3/2016    $49.99
11/24/2016    $19.00
1/1/2017    $49.99
6/26/2017    $29.99
7/26/2017    $49.99
8/31/2017    $29.99
9/8/2017    $49.99

9 . AKG D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone  by AKG
Your Price: $49.00, from Guitar Center as of 1/12/2018
List Price: $129.99
You Save: $ 80.99 (62%)

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Supercardioid polar pattern
Rugged wire mesh cap with internal protective wiremesh cap
Die-cast metal body

The D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone is a handheld dynamic microphone that is ideal for lead vocals. A supercardioid polar pattern guarantees the utmost gain before feedback at a extremely high sound pressure level (SPL), and helps vocals cut through the mix more easily. The D8000M is equipped with an indestructible metal casing, rugged spring steel grill, and a scratch-resistant black finish.

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