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AKG C414 XL II Reference Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

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Price History
1/4/2016    $1,099.00
12/3/2016    $824.99
12/5/2016    $799.00
12/7/2016    $1,099.99
4/3/2017    $999.00
7/26/2017    $1,099.00
9/4/2017    $949.00
9/5/2017    $1,099.00
10/2/2017    $949.00

9 . AKG C414 XL II Reference Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone  by AKG
Your Price: $949.00, from Guitar Center as of 10/21/2017
List Price: $1,349.00
You Save: $ 400.00 (30%)

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The AKG C 414 XL II condenser microphone is the successor to the famous AKG C 414 B-TL II mic. The AKG C 414 XL II mic shows the unique sonic signature of the highly sought after AKG C 12 which enables lead vocals and solo instruments to be placed even in a dense mix. The unrivaled up-front sound is also well-known for distant miking applications like classic music recording or drum ambience miking. The XL II mic version differs from the XLS version in one major respect-the capsule. Both the slight presence boost and the impressive spatial reproduction is similar to the legendary AKG C 12 microphones.

The AKG C 414 XL II offers nine pickup patterns for you to choose the perfect setting for every application. For live-sound applications and permanent installations, all controls can be disabled easily enabling trouble-free use. A Peak-Hold LED displays even shortest overload peaks. AKG ships the C 414 XL II microphone complete with carrying case, pop filter, windscreen, and a spider-type shockmount.

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