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Games Fun-Fly-Stick Magic Wand with Dual Action Green Learning Toy New 60207

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10/16/2016    $24.98
9/10/2017    $20.02
3/3/2018    $29.95

6 . Games Fun-Fly-Stick Magic Wand with Dual Action Green Learning Toy New 60207  by Unitech Toys
Your Price: $29.95, from Walmart as of 6/12/2018, true

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This is a dinosaur themed Fun-Fly-Stick in green color and dinosaur design all over. Fun-Fly-Stick is the only magic wand that allows you to truly levitate shapes above it. No stings! No air! No magnets! True levitation and true control are possible due to electrostatic repulsion of the like charges. You can stir the shapes from side to side; you can make them go up or down; you can navigate them across the room, and do dozens of other science based magic inch tricks. Check out the magic wand in action: The bonus roller attachment to the Fun-Fly-Stick is the ultimate room decorator's tool. The Fun-Fly-Stick with the roller on top turns any plastic film into a static cling film. Any wall decal or sticker is now possible! Take ANY plastic film decorations and hang them on walls in seconds without using any pins, thumbtacks, nails, or Scotch tape (just by rolling static from the Fun-Fly-Stick over them). Moreover, the Fun-Fly-Stick with the roller on top will cause any paper stick to the film that you put on the wall. So now you can display drawings, coloring pages, photos, magazine clipping, or paper decorations on walls without leaving any marks or traces. Check what it can do: With the two attachments to the Fun-Fly-Stick you have a magic wand that levitates shapes and a tool that helps you decorate your room. 100% science based. Quality guaranteed.

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