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3/23/2012    $599.99
9/21/2016    $597.47
9/23/2016    $596.45
9/25/2016    $599.00
1/13/2017    $499.00
2/1/2017    $599.00
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12/17/2017    $599.00
12/22/2017    $483.18
12/29/2017    $599.00
12/31/2017    $483.18
1/3/2018    $599.00
1/5/2018    $483.33
1/18/2018    $599.00
1/23/2018    $483.28
1/27/2018    $599.00
10/2/2018    $419.00

10 . KETTLER KADETT Rowing Machine  by Kettler USA
Your Price: $419.00, from Walmart - Click More Info / Buy Now to check for price rollbacks! as of 10/2/2018, true

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  • 12 Adjustment settings control resistance through two industrial strength hydraulic cylinders
  • Sturdy KETTLER® designed frame with ball bearings in the padded seats rollers provide a smooth glide along the main aluminum track
  • Adjustable footplates pivot and extend to accommodate various rowers
  • Oars easily fold down for trouble-free storage
  • KETTLER® ear lobe clip measures hear rate electronically
  • LCD Training computer displays time, oar strokes, current cadence, cumulative distance over a training session, heart rate and kilojoules, a precise measurement of energy consumption (4.2 kJ = 1 kcal)
  • Settings include time, distance goals and a visual and acoustical cadence signal
  • Recovery pulse rate feature and scan function, rotates various readings at 6 second intervals

  Kettler Throughout the world, Kettler is a leading brand in leisure furniture, sports and fitness equipment, table tennis tables, bicycles, and children's outdoor toys. Since 1949, the company has grown from a small enterprise in Heinz Kettler's home town of Ense-Parsit in Germany into a world-wide manufacturing and marketing organization

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