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Axis A21 Laser Double Bass Drum Pedal

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6/27/2015    $767.61
10/23/2015    $749.99

3 . Axis A21 Laser Double Bass Drum Pedal  by Axis
Your Price: $749.99, from Walmart as of 10/5/2017, true

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A21 Laser Double Bass Drum Pedal

This Axis A21 Laser Double Kick Pedal breaks through tradition with the longest and widest footboards available. Drummers can employ a greater range of movement with the symmetrical A21 Laser footboards which cantilever over the back of the base plates for increased leverage, and are 5-wide at the base. Today's multiple stroke techniques are executed effortlessly with the extra margin of playable area, which conventional players will find to be an enhancement as well.

Laser engraving on the kick drum pedal's footboards make a smooth plane, but tactile surfaces where the laser has burned through the black anodize and created an aluminum oxide finish. The pedal's aluminum oxide has a slightly grainy tooth which allows for a nonskid surface.

A21 pedals including the laser double bass pedal have all the performance features of the Axis pedals with increased magnitude. The A21 was designed to accelerate the beater into the bass drum with greater force and velocity, and to incorporate the Variable Drive Lever for greater adjustability.

The 21 power forward beater angle has been integrated into the beater bracket to maximize the beater impact. The Variable Drive Lever settings farther forward produce a deeper footboard travel (more power), while settings aft ward result in increased speed.
Longest and widest footboards available
Employ a greater range of movement with the symmetrical A21 Laser footboards
Footboards cantilever over the back of the base plate for increased leverage
Footboards are 5 inch wide at the base
Laser engraving on the footboards make smooth, but nonskid surfaces

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