Create the Perfect Backyard Deck for Your Home

It’s there such a thing as the perfect backyard deck? There is! But it varies depending on the person.  

I mean, not all of us have the same tastes, but I’m pretty sure we all agree on one thing: Having all the same backyard decks is boring. Such good luck that there are tons of deck types ready for us to build, and they adapt themselves to each of our personal needs and preferences. There are many different types to pick from.

Light Deck 

This 20- by 80-foot yellow cedar deck functions as an additional living space. You can protect it from the rain with a roof of corrugated polycarbonate, a plastic material that allows ample light to filter inside.  

Rooftop Land 

A rooftop deck over the garage gives the second floor of a home’s added outdoor space. It can be made with merged wood flooring, which can be placed on top of the sealed roof, keeping the even surface with an additional shield from sun and dampness. 

rooftop deck

Staycation Deck 

Oh, everybody loves staycations! More so if they are on a comfy, colorful backyard deck! I mean, not many people can feel the tropical relaxation of a beach vacation in their own backyard. For this deck, you might need some supportable wood that has eroded to a soft gray and, for décor, maybe some drought-tolerant plants that do not need much watering.  

Front-yard Entry Deck 

Why have stairs when you can have a three-level deck at the front door?  

This is exactly what this type of front entry deck offers to you. Not everything has to be about your backyard, you can have a pretty, chic entry for guests to feel naturally charmed towards your home’s door and look forward to visiting again.  

Party on the Deck 

A nice deck is defined by the view, comfort and the added feeling of spaciousness that it can provide to a house by blurring the borders between inside and out. And that last part is even more notorious in this partly sheltered type of deck that works as an indoor-outdoor space linking a family room with a patio.  

Wrap-around Room 

This is a type of deck that wraps around most of the house; it is the most adequate for an updated ranch house and it nearly doubles its quadrangular footage.  


In this case, with the doors to the deck open and folded back against the exterior walls, it gives the impression that the living room and deck are one.  


Comfy life al fresco 

If what you’re looking for is to double the living space of your house, you can use this kind of deck so it will serve you to host al fresco dinners and meals, barbeques, and etc. giving a homey space to even your backyard.