Valuable Tips on how to plan your Media Room Makeover

A media room is the dream of hundreds of people! If you’re lucky enough to own one in your house, then you’re living the dream. But it’s your media room as advanced as you would like it to be? Maybe you would like to do some remodeling on it, and that’s why you came to this article.  

Well, there are many ways of performing a media room makeover, so let me guide you through some tips:

Craft a Relaxed Scenery 

When planning a media room renovation, you need to keep in mind your comfort and the comfort of your guests. Stadium seating is one way that theaters guarantee every guest gets a great view. You can organize a stadium seating like in the theaters to guarantee every guest gets a great view. Putting each string on riser consent for more seats to fit in the space and lets everyone see the screen in front. 

Home media room with theater chairs

One of the greatest advantages of having a personal cinema in your home is that you can choose comfy, personalized seating over the boring, conventional fold-down seats in the rest of the movie theaters. Make this your opportunity to make everything you would want a theater to be, and then show to your guest how much a comfortable and luxurious little cinema you have! You’ll have to be a little careful from people preferring to go to your house instead of the cinema, but…

Pay Attention to Sound and Sight 

When embarking in a media room renovation, sound must always be one of your top priorities. If you are able to pick the shape of the room, then I recommend you to go for a rectangle since that way the sound will project itself towards the audience inside the room. And for creating the surround-sound effect, then install speakers built into the side walls.  

Surround sound in your home media room

As for the sight of the screen, if you insert the latter on one of the shorter walls and make the seating stadium-style, then it will optimize the sound and the view for everyone in the room.  

And you might not believe it but the whole “carpet on the floor and thick drapes on the walls” are not only for décor, they actually improve the sound quality as well.  

Take in the Finest Technology 

Technology is a vital part of the media room, and you must pay real attention to it. But sometimes the advanced technology leaves wires everywhere, so in that case, you can use aired cupboards that preserve unappealing gear unseen, and cabling can be constructed into the walls to place speakers all over the space. 

Of course, the screen is also part of the technology, so choose yours wisely. Keep the extent of the area in mind and make sure that the screen isn’t so big that it will overwhelm the guests, but it needs to be big enough that everyone will have a good view.