Pros And Cons Of Stained Concrete Floor

Stained concrete floor is a great alternative to traditional flooring like carpets, linoleum, wood, and tile. You can try out different designs and customize your floors to give that appealing unique look you want. Stained concrete floors are durable, last long and are definitely appealing to the eyes. You can select the kind of texture, color or pattern you want and even combine different designs to give your floor  a distinguished finishing design.

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Concrete floors are extremely hard and strong, you can’t scratch or dent the floor. They make a fashion statement and give your floor a special appealing look. The cost varies per square foot and also depends on the finishing.

So, you can easily apply these decorative designs on your existing concrete floors in your homes or offices to suit your taste. They are affordable and definitely great options for floor finishing. It’s important to know the pros and cons of this type of floor finishing and we will delve into that now.

Concrete floor and decorated home

Pros Of Concrete Floors

There are lots of benefits associated with concrete floors, they are affordable, durable and definitely worth the effort.

Easy to maintain

Concrete floors are low maintenance so you don’t have to stress yourself caring for them. All that is required is just a simple sweeping and damp mopping to keep the floor looking sparkling new. Just as they are durable they are also easy to care for. They are hard to scratch or dent. All you have to do is clean them regularly to give your floor that smart look.


Concrete floors have beautiful design options so you can choose to kind of design that suits your home or your taste. You can make fashion statements with your floor and create unique designs you want. You can choose the pattern, color or design you want. You can mix dyes together to give your floor an earthy look or you can use surface treatments like acid stains or paint made for concrete to give your floor a beautiful finishing. With the right dye, you can create floors that mimic ceramics floors, tiles and any design you want. There is whole lot of beautiful design options you can try out with concrete floors.

You also have the option to embed electrical cables or hot water tubes to your floor to create warm and comfy floors.

Concrete floors are eco-friendly and easy to install.

Concrete floors are durable and can withstand daily use.

It gives your home an aesthetic value. Concrete floors are modern, beautiful and definitely the kind of floor every home owner wants. So, you can easily sell off your homes and the new owners can add the kind of flooring they want with ease.

ugly chair on concrete

Cons Of Concrete Floors

The hardness of the floor may be a source of concern especially if you have kids running around in your home. It may also be uncomfortable for elderly folks which makes flooring like rugs better options.

The concrete floor may develop cracks over time, however, colored cement paste and patching can help you disguise the crack. Concrete floors have to withstand change in temperature, moisture or settling which leads to these cracks.

They can also be affected by moisture which comes from underneath the concrete slab. The moisture can make the floor damp and can cause surface treatment to begin to wear off.

Stained concrete floors look very beautiful after being coated but over time of use, the floor begins to fade and lose its shine.  This happens very quickly, especially in high-traffic area. When this happens you will have to add new coatings to the floor to give it new beautiful shining outlook. This means you get to spend more money and effort maintaining your floor.

Concrete floors are beautiful and durable flooring types for both residential and business areas. And stained concrete floors are also great options to go for. However, they also have their good sides and downsides too. So, you should bear in mind that no matter how beautiful or durable concrete floors are, they are also susceptible to wear and tear. However, compared to other floor types they are really great options to go for. They are great upgrades for any surface, they are beautiful, modern, durable  and definitely worth the effort.

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