Tips to Properly Water the Foundation of Your Home

Some people do not water the foundation of their homes.   Some of them don’t know why that would be necessary, but those people most probably don’t live in areas with such a heated climate like Texas or others. In this kind of heat, it is important to make sure that the ground nearby the base of your home doesn’t get too dried up.   Watering the home foundations should be something done by all homeowners.

Setting a Routine Schedule for Watering Your Foundation

One of the most important things about watering your foundation is defining a routine schedule that works your home. In doing so, you need to check out which sides of your home get more sun than others. These are the characteristics that will aid when deciding the optimum watering schedule that would be best for your foundation. 

Water your foundation regularly to prevent damage to your house.

Tips for Preventing Foundation Problems 

Now, for helping you in overall watering, let me hang you some tips, so you’ll know how to water and how to prevent some foundation problems before they present themselves. 

Cracks in a house foundation from not being watered properly

You do not have to water transversely to driveways or courtyards, but watering around patios, as if they were an addition to your foundation, will aid to maintain them more stable. 

The soaker garden hose has to be used at the earliest time of the day as possible, in order to avoid great quantities of vaporization and offer the most advantage to the grounds.  

Purchase a battery-powered timer and program it with an alarm to tell you when to water.  They are mostly very economical and are a great help to establish a schedule. 

Watering your foundation of your home

The soaker garden hose must be used for 30 to 60 minutes, (the latter amount of time mostly in areas with big bushes or a lot of vegetation). 

The downpour hosepipe should be placed around 8-12″ away from the foundation. Do not lay it right alongside the house.  

Watering your foundation will bring you plenty of benefits and save you a lot of trouble.