How to Create a Backyard Oasis

Make an Outdoor Living Room 

Outdoor living rooms are quite popular. They can also very beautiful! On top of that, they increase the outdoor living space. You can make one with a protective roof to shield you from the elements, and don’t worry, even an amateur carpenter with the help of a friend and some basic hand and power tools can build this up in a couple of weekends.  

Craft a Meeting Space around a Fire Pit 

A fire pit is an upgrade that can be appreciated by the entire family, whether it’s rounding out a barbecue or firing it up just to cook a lot of s’mores with friends.  You can DIY your own version! And maybe a project of this kind will spark your interest in more masonry projects.  

Outdoor fire pit

Check fire pit codes in your area before getting started. 

Build an Arbor

This project will not only beautify your backyard but also give you and your guests a cool space to spend the hot summer days and nights. Besides, you can build it on top of your current patio to decrease expenses and simplify the labor involved.  

Beautiful Arbor for your backyard

Construct Your Dream Deck 

A deck is the ideal place to grill, read a book, enjoy breakfast or set up a hammock for afternoon open-air naps.   We are talking about something that you could complete in about two weeks! All you need are some basic tools, a little woodworking, and a friend, and that’s it. After that, it’s only putting your hands to work and the final result will be an actual, real, modern oasis in your backyard. 

Make a Grill Summerhouse 

Mmmmmm! Grills! My favorite part of the summer! And if it is yours too, then this will most definitely be part of your backyard oasis!  

It merely takes a weekend to build this arrangement and depending on the kind of wood you use it can last for years with the adequate upkeep.  

Insert Seats with a DIY Wooden Bench 

Have you ever seen those beautiful benches in TV backyards? Why don’t you make one of your own?  

Wooden bench

DIY a Low Upkeep Water Fountain

Have you ever heard about an oasis without a beautiful fountain in it bringing a sensation of peace and freshness? Neither have I. And turns out with all of the DIY fuss, there are a lot of projects to teach you to assemble one of these beautiful fountains in just one day.  

You can make one of those that are settled around a stone from which the water flows out and into a reservoir of your making below. For this, you can either search for a pre-drilled rock at local stone suppliers, or you can drill a hole through it yourself with a rotary hammer drill. Either way, it’s easy to make and the best part is that one it’s done it will require very little maintenance because it was designed to not require a collection pond.